about nothing

in between
the stray sounds from the day,
the clatter of pens
the rustle of pages
there Is a stillness that dulls

the cacophony of voices
that pass through me,
i become invisible, transparent—
my solidity is a spot of unruly paint on the window glass

windows yawning on
two hundred year old hinges,

the whisper of the wind
that moves the leaves

diffusing the stillness of sunlight
filtering through
to the unruled pages in front of me

to my hesitant pen that has now
marked it

midnight tonight

Shakherbazar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

(after midnight tonight) there’s a little life caught in this wind
that carries the clouds you could pick off like cotton floating in deep blue ink, ink that refuses to take shape on paper

but if you hang your dreams to dry in this skyline, you could reach for anything tonight.

come close

i miss you by moments
in the turns
of our winding corridors that are going on
i lose you by a few metres,
by one year,
across the field
on whose opposite ends
the classrooms we occupy
this field whose grass is sometimes
golden with sunlight,
this field that turns into
eight hundred kilometres
or a heartbeat,
i lose you,
sometimes only inches
from your lips.

now the rain is falling fast.
and do i dare seek a reflection
on this wet marble,
among thousands other,
of my quiet, flickering dreams?

here i have found everything
that was closest
as well as
like the time collecting,
streaming in through the windows,
weaving through the broadleaves
in a narrow muddy stream,
sometimes like the air
swirling around
the tips of the grass
of the same field
where our collective breath settles
and rises again when the sun is hot

across this field
you and i on two ends,

won’t you come close?



the first rain
doesn’t come quietly,
it is
two hundred million thundering
hearts and lungs gasping
winding into a coil
outside my window
breaking in
onto my bed
and unraveling in between trees
and concrete buildings.

much like the way
you come apart
in my hands
with this storm
raging in your eyes,
a tempest,
that will put
even earth to shame.