Haiku #14

my autumnal love sneaks upon me
like a shock of kash phool
swaying in between concrete buildings.


an evening

the silhouette of your lips against
your phone screen a distant echo
of a moonless evening when
my fingers were lost in your dark hair
my fingers ghosting over the glittering oasis between us
my fingers entwined in yours and
the music of the Planets trickling into my shuddering ears,
we were quiet in your dark room
while staring at your phosphorus galaxy supersaturated with the noise of unsaid things.


Sometimes I like to think about you
when I’m on my own like this:
looking at the sun and
a wind is blowing.
I imagine as the wind rustles through the leaves,
heavier and faster, and in between my fingers—
I imagine it carries my touch to you.
Wherever you are.
And it touches you as gently as it is touching me,
and I hope you imagine you’re touching me too.

Old Digha, West Bengal, India.