end of a love

so here we sit
staring into
setting sun

you and i
from our invisible war

here’s the rain
now to wash away

you and i
the waste of our world.

blank pages
over crunching leaves
sharpened pencils

no more tender exchanges.


another sunset by the beach

each drop of sunlight

spilling from my hands

back into the golden waves

white foaming at my feet

and miles of pink grains

my soul sinks

while i watch my life glitter in half an oyster shell.


Puri, Odisha, India.



in the first rain of the year
under another neon-lit night
i have seen you cross twice,
the same street where infinite life thrives-
an arcade of simulacrums
its sea of fantasies recollected with the drunken haze
of half-remembered thoughts,
inflated conversations, of excuses not explanations.
glimpses and half-serious attempts to reach out through the crowd
with forgetting as my only closure.

sometimes, in the backyard of my dreams,
you will appear quietly
more fleeting than a spectre
and my endless pursuit into abrupt mornings.