Selfishly, yours.

Whoever reads this,
I don’t suppose it is possible to love someone for everything they do or every bit that make them. I don’t presume to be above all the hypocrisy and to love selflessly. I’m selfish. I’ve always been selfish, and I don’t say so with the kind of smug pride that our generation seems to celebrate in being so irresponsible, but I say it with a heavy heart. I wish I was above it. I wish I were a better person who really knew to look beyond oneself and really reciprocate without expectations. I tried. I really tried to not expect, to expect is to begin to find faults and then to resent. But that is how my life turned out and therefore it is by no means a general statement for anyone reading this to confirm to.

As I was saying earlier, I don’t think it’s possible to love every bits and pieces of someone. I didn’t either, but I loved most of it. I loved the small bits—those infinitesimal bits that I deluded myself into believing, were only for me.

And I failed.


It isn’t so much the pain of loss than the sheer shock of being so… incapable. So selfish. No, it isn’t too much pain anymore, just the little dull throb of memories. But the disability, for lack of a better word, shook me to my core. I was deluded to think I was better than what I thought of myself where in fact, I was just as I thought I’d be. Selfish.

I don’t know when I grew this selfish, I don’t have anyone to point fingers at. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get past this incapability or if it’s gradually getting the better of me.

I wish I could say this was me being objective and not self-loathing. But 2:00 AM and not a wink of sleep does infuse one with the sense of self-hate.

I sincerely hope, for all of us out there, I sincerely hope we’ll get past this together, stop it once and for all. Wake up from this entranced sleep, look up from our black mirrors and snap back to reconnect with people again. And even though the insecurity gnaws at my mind, makes me doubt everything I believe about myself, I want to put it out there—unsure, but ready:

Let’s stop being so selfish.
From Kolkata, India.



That little tug behind the belly sets off the fragile heart
fluttering, legs like jelly, and an audience waiting to be amused
gathers around me.

I have known failure before,

But none quite like this, where the anticipation runs ice cold
and my humour, tired, falls on deaf ears.

I have known failure before,

But none quite like this, where cold sandwich is the only thing I return home too.
A little bit of telly, enough to distract, never quite enough to forget.

I’ve known failure before,

But never quite the way I’m drained out, flowing through the city in a mindless rush, numb and dirty, inadequate in my heart and empty in mind.

Indeed, I have known failure before,

But none quite like this one–
where you aren’t present anymore–
but never you mind.