That little tug behind the belly sets off the fragile heart. Fluttering, legs like jelly and an audience waiting to be pleased gathers around me.

I have known failure before,

But none quite like this, where the anticipation runs ice cold and my humour, tired, falls on deaf ears.

I have known failure before,

But none quite like this, where cold sandwich is the only thing I return home too. A little bit of telly, enough to distract, never quite enough to forget.

I’ve known failure before,

But never quite the way I’m drained out, flowing through the city in a mindless rush, numb and dirty, inadequate in my heart and empty in mind.

Indeed, I have known failure before,

But none quite like this where you aren’t present—never you mind.

[You see, I was convinced, convinced that we were invincible. And never in my life have I ever been more wrong.]


Five Ways to End Your Post

The Daily Post

Many of you devote a lot of time and attention to your opening sentences — and rightfully so. Considering how important it is to hook your readers from the get-go, you want to get that part right.

In writing just as in music, though, our lingering impression of the piece we’ve just consumed depends just as much — if not more so — on the finale. Yet so often, by the time we reach the end of our post, we’re too tired, too unfocused, or too eager to hit the Publish button to care too much about how we bid farewell to our audience.

If that sounds like you, it might be time to rethink how you approach your post endings. Here are five ideas to make the tail end of your post just as engaging as its first note.

Throw a teaser

Why not use the very end of one…

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