lost autumn

Jodhpur Park, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

falling in love

falling leaves,

hold hope

spilling out like sand

in a tight fist,

in the shadows

in between sunlit trees

grows hopelessness,

and the seasons roll around, as ever.


over the telephone

i should tell you
what i have meant to

i should trust
two thousand miles of curled wires
between us

perhaps, it’s time
how do i begin:

your breath is quiet,
my erratic heartbeat,
the sound of static,
and then the dull tone
of the dead phone.

31st December

Another year ends, look back—the past tense,

sitting under a quiet evening sky,

remembering fag ends of happy days and sad,

the colours of Holi now a little brown

with heartbreak, new friends, love lost, luck found,

a long scorching summer followed by thundering rain,

the hypnotic boom of dhak, our ten-armed visitant,

faraway places, the scent of the universe in open skies,

feeling the pulse of the mountains in its streams,

long walks and longer daydreams,

a few hurried birthdays, a cousin’s wedding,

lots of reading,

Christmas in a pagan house, homemade wine

and a fruitcake wanting zest.

my earphones blaring music at midnight and movies

all spun into one fabric,

smelling of old newsprint in a damp building

rolled into empty joints and set to fire,

a false high with people, some of who truly care.


When tonight spills in through my window, popping into distant sparks

I’ll say my goodbye and wish parts of you don’t come by, again.


23:59 December 31st.