midnight hour

all of this romance is now at an end

and so I’ll return softly to my bed

and hope the soil whispers my name:

come back, come back to death!

—23:23, 5th September, 2017. Kolkata.


Growing up.

It’s just that: you suddenly find yourself wandering into the lives of others, not knowing what to expect, then one day you’re suddenly wandering out. Growing up teaches you to know when your time has come to leave.

I think growing up means understanding when your turn is over and graciously leaving the space for others without throwing a tantrum of self-entitlement.

Growing up made me understand not to look for “meaning” in the world. 

The world has no meaning on its own, don’t blame the world for your miseries. Meaning is what you make of it, what you bring to the table, what you contribute in another person’s life. Meaning is planting a tree so a few people can breathe easy, meaning is screwing a tap tight so that water doesn’t leak, meaning is leaving your smartphone behind and sitting on the grass to laugh with friends who care.

And meaning is also letting go of those friends when its time.

Growing up is realising that new places become old and old places can be experienced anew.

Growing up doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to punishing, you’ve to simply learn to let go and absorb again. Growing up is flexibility. 

Let fucking go.

Grow up.


You are a Bird, freedom is your name
and you were born to fly.
Chaining you down will dwindle
the ethereal beauty that is yours.
Caging you will erase your charm.

As hard as it may be,
I will let you go, let you soar,
fly away, out into the open sky.

Dill your delicate lungs with laughter,
the freshness of then new dawn;
Sing out in your sweet melody
Sing till the cup of your heart,
brims with eternal bliss.

Spread out, spread out your rainbow wings
and colour the monotonous sky with
your myriad variety.

Let me watch you fly,
Look! the Sky is awaiting your flight,
Her arms are open to take you in
Freedom. Finality. Eternity and Hope.
Remember to fly, Bird, dearest,
for you, were born to.